A house on a hill

Villa P starts and ends with the plot: a beautiful place at the edge of Amsterdam overlooking nature with a glimpse of the IJsselmeer in the distance. The plot combined with the clients desire presented us with a contradiction: optimizing the outdoor garden by pushing the villa towards the edge of the plot while at the same time dealing with the plot restrictions of building within the 3 meter height limit. The solution: submerging the ground floor and angling the roof away from the plot edge. The spacial layout of the villa is designed upside down, placing all the bedrooms underground with the daytime functions on top. This gives the living and kitchen even more spectacular views on the surrounding areas. This way, the ground floor functions as a little podium.

Submerging half of the house while still maintaining a high level of natural daylight in the bedrooms offered another challenge. The use of plant filled voids that allow daylight to penetrate down to the ground floor give the bedrooms a unique atmosphere of feeling safe under the ground while still bathing in sunlight.

The top floor has a completely different feel compared to the ground floor. Large windows exposing the view combined with a open floor plan give it an airy and comfortable character.