Kavel A, collective housing meets individuality

What happens if private home owner take over the role of a typical developer? In the Netherlands, this upcoming trend is called CPO (collective private housing). Kavel A is a pristine example of this phenomenon. cc-studio teamed up with 14 families to design a project that is both unique and collective at the same time.

This contradiction was one of the main challenges of the project. cc-studio used the quality of Lego®; creating unique houses of very different sizes out of the same building blocks.


The projects makes optimal use of the plot using the houses to create a lush green and private communal garden with underground parking facility.


To emphasize the private garden interior and public street exterior both sides have different materialities. The communal garden is supported by a warm wooden facade while the street side has a more formal plastered finish. The wooden window frame details at the street side give a sneak peak of the different world inside.