KasCo® – flexibel & ecological living in a greenhouse

Living in a greenhouse (‘kas’ in Dutch) is a concept that has been around for almost 100 years. The glass façade of the ‘kas’ fits around the interior like a jacket. You choose if you want the zipper closed, half way down or completely open. Nine months each year the temperature in the space between the ‘kas’ and the interior house is above 18 degrees Celsius. This turns the balconies into usable interior space by opening the balcony doors increasing the floor space up to double its seize. The moderate, almost mediterranean climate makes is perfect for growing all kinds of plants turning this into an actual green house!

The waterproof and wind-tight glass skin creates a lot of freedom to design the floor plans. The light and spacious concept also allows for a house that grows or shrinks within the greenhouse during its life span. Extensive research shows that the ‘kas’ significantly lowers the energy consumption of the house. Building the interior, an insulated timber frame house, without the ‘kas’ means an increase of 56% on energy consumption. The rapport of our research funded by SEV (Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs) can be found here.

We are convinced that the traditional way of building that fills most of the Dutch urban landscape is outdated. A shift to custom tailored and future proof residents is happening. KasCo®  adapts to this change with its flexibel building system and using solar heat to lower energy use resulting in a sustainable and ecologic concept.

KasCo® Amsterdam North

cc-studio is currently building the first KasCo® house in Buiksloterham, Amsterdam North. The first KasCo® is a project in collaboration with Dill Architecten. Not only will this be the prototype, it will also house both Gerald Lindner (partner @ cc-studio) as well as Thomas Dill (Dill Architecten) making this a KasCo® duplex.

KasCo® has its own website with all the in-and-outs on what living in a greenhouse is all about. You can also check the website to see the developments of KasCo® Amsterdam North and KasCo® Utrecht.

We will keep you posted on the building process in the news section of our website and on Facebook and Instagram.