Architecture is made for people by people and built within our natural environment. We care about all 3. Our niche are projects in which we can inventively combine technical and sustainable innovations with strong architectural qualities.

We like to work for open minded clients and operate well with in the constraints of tight budgets. Good constraints trigger more out of the box thinking, more creativity and more fun and inventiveness during the whole process. An open mind is important to be able tot see and make use of opportunities during this process. As a small studio we believe strongly in an intelligent and interactive creative collaboration with all involved in the process of the design and of the realization: clients, advisor’s, (sub-)contractors and industries. Our office is situated in a multidisciplinary creative industrial environment: Da Vinci creative spaces.

After operating as a collective of independent designers named ‘cc-studio’ since 2010, Gerald, Danny and Peter founded the co-operative cc-studio in 2015. The office is founded on a sociocratic organizational structure, a system of governance, using consent-based decision making among individuals.

Danny van Kessel, partner & architect
Gerald Lindner,  partner & structural engineer & designer
Peter Heideman, partner & architect
Mariette van de Water, architect
Dario Bonugli, architect
Wilbert de Rooij, material researcher
Valentina Baruffo, junior designer
Bartosz Robak, junior designer


Federica Dellisanti
Marissa van de Water
Noor Fajrina Farah Istiani
Malgorzata Mader
Ynske Leenders
Yangwook Kang
Roxana Puris
Tony Kogan
Fatma Aslan
Joanna Rys
Weronika Marek
Stan de Bie
Anke van Looveren
Monika Augaityte
Vildan Kapukaya
Konrad Kowal

Gerald Lindner
Momba­sa, Kenya 1966, engineer, graduated in Civil Engineering in 1990 from the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands; worked for various engineering firms, like Octatu­be Space Struc­tures in general engineering and as a specialist in glass structures. In 1997 made the switch to architecture and designed with Trude Hooykaas the international award winning Kraanspoor project for OTH in Amsterdam. In 2001 became part time university assistant professor at the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, worked independently as engineer & designer – 2005 2nd in “Europan 8”, Steel Prize in 2008 for co-engineering “Kooi met geen Poema erin”, in 2010 1st in International Design Competition Genieloods with COOP.

Danny van Kessel
Roermond, The Netherlands, 1986, architect, graduated in Architecture & Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2011. Worked for various architecture firms, like Anne Holtrop, Border Architecture and Sophie Valla Architect. In 2009 won the public choice award for the Media Kunst Mobiel. In 2011 became pre-doctoral researcher at the Technical University Eindhoven in a method for determining the influences of building material on realized architectural form.

Peter Heideman 
Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1967, graduated from Building Technology College in 1993 and in 2000 from the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. From 1996-1998 he worked on the Amsterdam Borneo Sporenburg projects, 1998-2006 as an architect for VenhoevenCS, where he co-designed projects like the tight budgeted and integral designed fire station of Den Helder and the laboratory in Zwijndrecht. Since 1993 he has done a number of projects for private clients, recently a topping of a house boat in Amsterdam and a recreational habitat in Groenekan. Peter incidentally teaches at the Academies of Architecture.