The start of 2017 has been kind for cc-studio so far. We are happy to say that we got commissioned to design 4 exciting projects. Here is a little sneak peak in what we are working on. Also, keep an eye on the ongoing projects section of the website.


Villa P

Villa P starts and ends with the plot: a beautiful place at the edge of Amsterdam overlooking nature with a glimpse of the IJsselmeer in the distance. The elaborate brief combined with the plot limits made us decide to make not one, but two designs. Although both designs are based on the same brief and have the same spacial program and size, a different design attitude resulted in two completely different houses. We called them the Barn House (first image) and the House on the Hill (second image). The winner turned out to be …. the House on the Hill!

Villa P concept 1
Villa P concept 2


KasCo® Oosterwold

We are extending our KasCo® family! In Amsterdam the first KasCo® is nearing its completion, click here for more info. KasCo® Oosterwold is a great example of how flexibel living in a greenhouse can be. The rural location of this KasCo® takes full advantage of all the glass, it is like waking up in a forest. This project is all about ‘less is more’. The objective is to have as little ‘indoor’ space as possible which results in a lot of greenhouse space with fantastic views on the green surrounding it.

KasCo Oosterwold


Tree house

This house might just as well be called the ‘what if’ house.
What if we use a tree in the centre of a spiraling staircase as the basis for a house?
}What if we only build a shell, an extrusion of the plot limits, that can be filled with spaces and rooms over time?
What if we only used common ‘ready made’ roof lights to build this shell?
What if…
What if…

Tree House

A lot of trial and error goes into a sketch design. Instead of only showing the ‘end’ result, here are some of the study models that didn’t make it.

Design Study Tree House


Green Tiny House

We can’t say much about this one yet. All we can say is that we are working on a tiny house that works as an completely independent extension of 100 year old Amsterdam residence. More info coming soon!

Green Tiny House