KasCo® Amsterdam is almost done. Every project has that moment, the moment when the plaster work on the inside is done. The first time you can really ‘feel’ the space. That moment happend a week ago for KasCo® Amsterdam.

From the outside, the house looks done. All the sliding doors are in and the sun shading mechanism is working.

When we explain the KasCo® concept, one of the questions we frequently get is: ‘how does it feel to live inside a greenhouse?’. The answer is actually quit simple: it feels the way you want it to feel. Having a greenhouse around the ‘indoor volume’ does not mean you are completely exposed to people on the streets. In fact, the best way to explain this is that you have an extra layer of glass outside of a ‘normal’ house.

One of the great features of the KasCo® house, is the added indoor space of the terraces throughout the house. Normally, a terrace can only be used when the weather outside is good enough. For the Netherlands, this period is about 2 to 3 months. In a KasCo® house, you can use the balconies the whole year long. You can use the extra space as an extension of the house itself 9 months of the year without the need of a heating system.

When KasCo® Amsterdam is completed, it will have lots of plants on the balconies and even some plants indoors. We are currently building a green covered wall full of ferns in the bathroom. The ferns don’t need soil and will filter the air in the bathroom.
We will keep you posted on the progress on Instagram and Facebook.



KasCo® Amsterdam in collaboration with Dill Architecten.