Work on the 14 collectively designed houses in moving along swiftly. If for any reason you are near the Veemarkt area in Utrecht, take a look at the intersection of the Livarstraat and the Sartreweg. Our 4 x 5 meter building sign is up, so you can see the end result as wel as the building activity.

Building sign Kavel A

We arranged have a almost weekly drone update of the building site. Here is the progress seen form above in the fourth week of the build. The ground floors have been finished and parts of the walls of the ground floor are being prepared. Nice little side note: on the right of the drone images the progress on our E24 corner house is showing.

Kavel A ground floor 2

Kavel A ground floor

The first floor is almost done exposing the amount of voids and atriums in all of the houses. Since all of the houses are designed in close collaboration with all the individual clients, each and everyone of the voids is unique. We are looking forwards seeing the other floors going up! We will keep you posted.

Atrium on the first floor

First floor Kavel A 2

First floor Kavel A